Knowing Your Audience - Dylan Tent - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 18

Dive into the world of luxury real estate with this week’s guest. He’s a pilot, marketer, and real estate mogul who's changing the game one property at a time. Through his creativity and a bit of daredevilry, he is redefining property marketing. Please welcome to the show, Real Estate Agent at Signature Sotheby's International Realty, Dylan Tent!

Dylan and Wes dive deep into why consistency is the cornerstone of any business. Dylan shares the importance of utilizing your background to give you a competitive edge, the changing landscape of the real estate industry, and how to ask the right questions.
  • As an entrepreneur, having consistency is one of the most important attributes. While it can be tempting to try new solutions after limited outreach, a consistent approach is one that wins in the long run. 
  • While your prior background may not fully relate to your current business venture, it can still play a crucial role in success. Embracing your background can give you fresh perspectives and help distinguish you from your competitors. 
  • When a customer compares you to your competitors, it’s imperative that you know what your advantage is. While your quality of service may be comparable, knowing what factors set you apart allows you to better your niche. 
  • Investing in real estate is all about acquiring a solid cash flow. AirBNB properties offer high cash flow, but require a lot of time. Multi family housing offers a safer investment with less maintenance. 
  • When looking to make an investment into your own home, the best areas to invest in are kitchen, bathrooms, paint, and carpet. Other aspects of houses are too personalized to guarantee a solid return. 
  • While low to middle end real estate is still over inflated, luxury properties offer good potential for buying and selling. As most buyers are paying with cash, they aren’t concerned with high interest rates. 
  • When selling real estate, you need to ask the right questions. A given buyer could be moving due to a job, divorce, or simply a change in scenery. Understanding your buyer’s motivation allows you to better meet their needs.

Quote of the Show:
  • “You can't serve somebody until you know what's motivating them.” - Dylan Tent


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Knowing Your Audience - Dylan Tent - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 18
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