Unscatter The Chatter - Bob Shenefelt - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 13

As a Visionary, do you often feel scattered and overwhelmed? You're not alone! In this episode we sit down with the “visionary’s visionary” to help business owners find better balance. Our guest this week is Author of “Unscatter the Chatter” and Founder of iMatter, Bob Shenefelt!

Host Wes Mathews joins Bob to discuss some of the biggest challenges visionary entrepreneurs tend to face. Bob shares the ways that visionaries can bring better structure to their work, the importance of letting go of the vine, and why every leader needs to find the alignment between themselves and their business. 

  • The key lesson in entrepreneurship is to have the courage to pursue your vision and build a team to support you in areas where you may not excel. Understanding your strengths and delegating tasks to capable individuals is crucial for success
  • Embrace structure and clarity in your ideas to effectively convey your vision to others. Simplify your plans and delegate responsibilities to achieve success smoothly. There is value in structure around what matters most. 
  • As a visionary, it's important to let go of trying to do everything and find the right integrator to complement your skills. Embracing your visionary role and seeking support from an integrator can lead to sustainable growth and success in business.
  • Focus on identifying what you excel at and surround yourself with supportive people to leverage your strengths effectively. Delegate tasks that are not aligned with your strengths or target market to allow your team to thrive and achieve success
  • As an entrepreneur, it’s important to carve out time for yourself. While recreational time can be refreshing, it can also be another business tool. Activities like golf can be relaxing, yet also serve as a way to connect with potential clients. 
  • Focus on setting meaningful daily intentions through prioritizing important goals over urgent tasks to have a fulfilling and productive day. Embrace simplicity, gratitude, and community support to drive positive outcomes and achieve personal growth
  • As an entrepreneur, you can often face self doubt or feelings of imposter syndrome. Self affirmations can help create a positive mindset. It’s important to stop asking “am I successful?” and start affirming “I am successful”.

Quote of the Show:
  • “There's value in structure around what matters most and who matters most.” - Bob Shenefelt


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Unscatter The Chatter - Bob Shenefelt - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 13
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