Unequivocal Self Belief - Jenny Feterovich - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 2

This week’s guest started her first successful business when she was 19, became a TEDx speaker, and is now an Emmy nominated, award winning, TV and film producer. Joining the show is Managing Partner at Parliament Studios, Jenny Feterovich. 

Jenny joins host Wes Mathews and shares her inspirational journey as a successful entrepreneur who immigrated to America with just a hundred dollars and a suitcase. She shares her belief in the power of self-reflection, hard work, and persistence as key driving forces behind her success. 
  • Having unwavering self-belief is the silver bullet for success, even in the face of doubt and discouragement from others. It's crucial to persevere and find solutions, despite the challenges encountered along the way.
  • Despite limiting circumstances, entrepreneurial individuals display resourcefulness by finding ways to work around their circumstances. The core principle of entrepreneurship is leveraging existing assets to generate income and pursue ideas.
  • Self-reflection and wisdom gained through age and experience can lead to the realization that chasing external success may not align with one's soul's purpose. Understanding this can help prioritize personal fulfillment over societal expectations.
  • Having a clear purpose in life and using platforms like winning an award to share a meaningful message can greatly impact and inspire others. It's crucial to align our desires with our purpose and consider how we can make a positive difference.
  • Building strong connections and staying committed to your goals can lead to remarkable opportunities, like receiving funding for your business, winning awards, and garnering critical acclaim. 
  • Immersive experiential entertainment is gaining popularity, as traditional forms of entertainment are being replaced by more interactive experiences. The future lies in creating engaging content that captivates the younger generation in innovative ways.
  • Success is often perceived as an overnight achievement, but in reality, it requires years of hard work, dedication, and unseen effort. Understanding the behind-the-scenes journey is crucial to appreciate the true significance of someone's accomplishments.

Quote of the Show:
  • “If you're passionate and you can showcase that you are going to make this work, no matter what, and you are going to do it right, I think you will succeed.” - Jenny Feterovich


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Unequivocal Self Belief - Jenny Feterovich - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 2
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