Succeeding At Sales - Elizabeth Andrew - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 26

Joining the show this week is a 5x sales leader who helps SaaS startups find opportunities to break new ground and make things grow. Please welcome to the show, CEO and Founder at Elizabeth Andrew consulting, Elizabeth Andrew!

Elizabeth sits down with Host Wes Mathews to dive into some of the biggest challenges startup founders face. Elizabeth shares the challenges of founder led sales, the obstacles to overcome when returning to the workforce and the importance of learning on the job. 
  • One of the most important lessons in entrepreneurship is that anything is possible, even amidst challenging times. Never give up, as success is achievable by anyone willing to persevere.
  • The most significant obstacle for people returning from a career break is the perception that they are out of touch with current tools and trends. To combat this, immerse yourself in industry events and actively seek out learning opportunities
  • Startup success heavily depends on effective sales; relying solely on the product's intrinsic value is a common mistake. Early sales hires should be strategic, avoiding premature VP appointments or inexperienced salespeople to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Consider being conservative with funding even when it is available, to avoid running out of funds. Be sure to cherish small milestones in your startup journey, as these moments signify growth and progress.
  • If you're entering the job market without prior experience, especially post-2020, you need a strong work ethic and motivation to succeed. Ensuring team engagement in a remote or hybrid work environment is crucial.
  • It is important to conduct an audit to identify and address weaknesses within a company. Establishing a clear ideal customer profile and implementing effective sales processes can significantly improve outreach and sales functions.

Quote of the Show:
  • “I like wearing a lot of hats. I'm good in the startup space. I like building, I like growing, I like solving problems.” - Elizabeth Andrew


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Succeeding At Sales - Elizabeth Andrew - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 26
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