Strengthening Your Business - Kristen Tassielli - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 9

This week's guest is an entrepreneur who believes in making the world a healthier place. She literally grew up in her industry, being exposed to entrepreneurship from her parent’s business. Welcome to the show, Managing Partner at Fitness Things, Kristen Tassielli!

Kristen joins Host Wes Mathews and shares her journey in the fitness industry and how she has grown her business through a dedication to excellent service, relational integrity, and wise business strategies. She also highlights the value of relationship building, and the importance of authenticity and deep connections with her employees, customers, and vendors.  

  • Success in business isn't measured by size but rather by profitability and sustainable growth. Entrepreneurs should heed the advice that scaling wisely is often more beneficial than just scaling up.
  • The essence of entrepreneurial success lies not in the size of the business but in the agility to adapt; diversification is imperative. For those carving out their niche, embracing a multifaceted approach and meeting industry standards is fundamental to growth.
  • Starting a business involves overcoming significant barriers, like the need for substantial upfront inventory and the challenges of managing logistics. A smaller, well-managed venture can still thrive, dispelling the myth that bigger always equates to better.
  • While collaboration with your competitors may seem counterintuitive, having good relationships can present unique opportunities. A strong relationship can lead to a business acquisition when an owner is looking to retire. 
  • In business, demonstrating a proven track record and consulting to ensure success is more valuable than size—experience speaks. Fostering relationships and delivering on promises breeds credibility and leads to growth.
  • In business, fostering enduring relationships hinges on the steadfast commitment to your word and transparent communication, especially when facing hurdles. Upholding integrity in managing and delivering on expectations is paramount for entrepreneurs.
  • Joining an entrepreneurial community is an enriching experience, offering an energy boost, inspiration, motivation, and a wealth of ideas. More importantly, it creates a supportive space for problem-solving among peers.

Quote of the Show:
  • “I can't make decisions knowing that this is gonna affect so many people, without getting in there for a minute.” - Kristen Tassielli 


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Strengthening Your Business - Kristen Tassielli - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 9
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