Providing Wigs 4 Kids - Maggie Varney - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 15

Our guest this week is an entrepreneur who uses her 50 years of experience to drive impact. Through her cosmetology skills, she’s been a force for good in the childhood cancer community for over 20 years. Please welcome to the show, Founder and CEO of Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids of Michigan, Maggie Varney!

Maggie joined Wes Mathews to discuss the work she is doing, and how she got started. Maggie shares her motivations for starting a non profit, the importance of providing a space for kids to feel like themselves, and the best ways for someone to get involved.
  • One of the most important things for an entrepreneur to have is a mentor. Whether it’s before you start your business, or 3 years into your career, having a mentor sets you up for success and can save you from learning lessons the hard way. 
  • Inspired by a 16-year-old's need for a wig, Maggie Varney started Wigs 4 Kids to provide help to children with cancer in Michigan. 500 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Michigan, and there are different requirements for children's wigs, like head size. 
  • To help share the work of nonprofits, Google offers qualifying organizations $10,000 a month in pay per click ad credits. Understanding how to take advantage of programs like these can help get the right eyes on critical services. 
  • By providing additional programs beyond just wigs, Wigs 4 Kids creates a space for kids with cancer to experience normality. As many patients are limited due to compromised immune systems, a safe space allows them to have activities they would otherwise miss. 
  • For a kid, a wig is more than just a prosthetic. Beyond changing how they look, a wig changes how they feel. Having a wig and support provides them with both a sense of hope and wellness. 
  • Through the use of corporate sponsorships, companies can directly do good in their communities by sponsoring wigs and services. These sponsorships foster community as well as companies get to know about the children they are providing wigs for. 

Quote of the Show:
  • “I am not going to chase the dollar. I'm going to focus on the kids.” - Maggie Varney


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Providing Wigs 4 Kids - Maggie Varney - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 15
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