Finding Your Harmony - Joseph Warren - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 7

Many entrepreneurs strive towards achieving work-life balance, when in reality they should be striving for work life harmony. Here to explain the difference is Mid life Men’s Coach and CEO of Shredded Fathers, Joseph Warren!

Joseph joins Host Wes Mathews to delve into the concept of 'Work-Life Harmony', which Joseph believes is all about prioritizing what matters most in life and focusing on personal fulfillment alongside career success. Joseph also shares the challenges of overcoming your own pride, the importance of carving out time for personal relationships, and the benefits of finding 
  • Adapting and embracing change is key in entrepreneurship. Letting go of the need for control and being open to new approaches can lead to greater personal fulfillment and success in business.
  • Work-life balance is a misleading concept that leads to constant juggling and exhaustion. Instead, focus on achieving work-life harmony by integrating and prioritizing various aspects of your life, resulting in increased fulfillment and reduced stress.
  • Prioritizing what truly matters in life, such as fulfilling relationships and personal well-being, can lead to a more rewarding and impactful professional journey. It’s important to optimize time at work to leave you with more personal time. 
  • Entrepreneurs should recognize the value of seeking mentoring and coaching in both their business and personal lives. Just like elite athletes, continuous guidance can help them break through barriers and achieve higher levels of success.
  • Entrepreneurs often face the challenge of balancing success in their careers with maintaining fulfilling family lives. While financial support is important, it’s crucial to also carve out time to strengthen personal relationships.
  • Having a community is an effective method for personal growth. A community helps combat isolation, provides solutions to common challenges, and promotes prioritization of what truly matters in your personal and professional life.
  • Entrepreneurs should prioritize their lives to avoid burnout and achieve harmony by focusing on high-value targets and making decisions aligned with their priorities. This helps maintain sustainable productivity and clarity, ensuring long-term success.

Quote of the Show:
  • “For me, work life harmony, it looks like prioritizing my life.” - Joseph Warren


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Finding Your Harmony - Joseph Warren - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 7
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