Building A Company VIBE - Bill Green - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 21

Instilling authenticity in your company starts with leaders, and requires them to be vulnerable. Our guest this week helps entrepreneurs build their company vibe, and connect better with their employees. Please welcome to the show, Founder and Principal at Affect Advisors, Bill Green! 

Bill sits down with host Wes Mathews for a candid conversation on how entrepreneurs can be better leaders. Bill shares the importance of living with authenticity, why you should have regular one on one conversations with employees, and how to build a company VIBE.

  • The most important thing for entrepreneurs to keep in mind is to live life with authenticity. Freedom comes from thriving authentically, and by showing up with your authentic self, make yourself happy so you can help others become happy. 
  • Good leaders coach with care. When an employee starts to slip in performance, try to identify what is going on beyond metrics. Difficult life events can affect a good employee's performance, and require understanding rather than reprimanding. 
  • When you start offering your services to others, it’s crucial to establish a niche that you excel at. While it’s tempting to offer every service a client may want, having a cohesive core offering ensures you succeed in the early stages of business. 
  • When pricing your services, it’s best to avoid hourly rates if possible as they center the conversation around time. It’s best instead to focus on the value you are delivering to clients, and set pricing from there. 
  • Strategy and culture are two crucial aspects of business, but there is an often overlooked missing middle. The vibe in the middle can connect strategy and culture, but when done poorly can create friction and conflict. 
  • There are four key elements to a creating company VIBE. V is vulnerability, and being vulnerable in front of employees. I is insight and reflects your self knowledge. B is for your beliefs, and how you live them. E is for the energy you bring to work 
  • Every leader needs to have routine conversations with their people. Conversations can be casual, but you should always ask employees what they are working on right now, the challenges they are facing, and what ways you can help.

Quote of the Show:
  • “The simple things are sometimes the most high impact.” - Bill Green


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Building A Company VIBE - Bill Green - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 21
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